Chemical Free Weed Control

The ECO-WEEDER tools use the combustion of liquid gas in ceramic pyroelements to reach temperatures of up to 1,000C. The temperature combined with the heat insulated casing, places intense radiation directly on weeds and wind-borne seeds. This explodes the weeds protein cells, stopping photosynthesis within a few seconds. Even the most stubborn weeds can be eliminated once and for all with just a few treatments with no noise and no pollution.

Correct treatment ensures the rapid and certain death of even the toughest plants with powerful roots

Using the ECO-WEEDER products can eliminate weeds over a surface of up to 3,000M an hour with limited fuel consumption.


Eco-Weeder Lady

Effective Width:           85/170 mm

Gas Consumption:       0.09 Kg/h

Output:                         0.75 KWH

Weight w/ gas bottle:   1.9 KG 


Suggestions: Interlocking Brick, Pathways, Driveways, Gravel, Flower beds, Garden Beds,  Vegetable Gardens. Ideal for targeting and controlling weeds in open areas and under bushes and planted beds.


Pricing:                        $250.00 CDN

                                     $190.00 USD

Eco-Weeder Punto

Effective Width:          45 mm radius

Gas Consumption:      40 g/h

Output:                        1.85 KWH

Weight w/ gas bottle    1.4 KG


Suggestions: This 600 deg. C thermal probe can be used on lawns, flower beds, interlocking brick & wherever there is small areas of unwanted vegetation. Perfect for targeting tap roots. Can be used as pre emergent weed control


Pricing:                 $200.00 CDN

                              $ 149.00 USD

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